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The motto of our blog are Anselm of Canterbury’s words: “I believe so that I may understand”. We do believe that Christian faith should express itself – among other things – through intellectual pursuits. Having this in mind, we would like to create a space where one can search for understanding in realms of history and theology. For more information about the purpose of this blog, please see the initial post „Faith Seeks Understanding”.

Editor in Chief: Rev. Dr. Dariusz M. Bryćko

Editor: Filip J. Sylwestrowicz (filip.sylwestrowicz [@]

Associate Editors: Maciej Godek, Adam Grabowicz

We invite guest contributors and on our Polish blog we publish translations of articles from English blogosphere. Our editorial team does not necessarily agree with everything that may be published on this blog, but we will make sure that it will always bring some interesting contribution to the discussion.